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Coming historically from Product Information Management (PxM) consulting in sector wide scenarios for retail and manufacturing in questions of

• Data Modeling
• Data Architecture
• Data Governance
• Data Redesign

we extended this to MDM leaded by market requirements and more and more abstracted to Enterprise Architecture which relates Information, Data, Processes, Organization and Business Modells to a customer centric approach for nowadays requirements. ECLASS plays a necessary, outstanding keyrole in relating product knowledge to other knowledge concepts for business.

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The changing focus from the product selling centric perspective to customer centricity displays the leck of integrity, consistency, actuality and the incapacity of merging atomic information in real-time to make them flow through machine leaded processes ruled by automated machine decisions, while lean human approvals and controls are supported by an individual logical workflow. Augmented business models require a digital mindset that is based on consequent digitalized processes and the necassary information* models, information* structures and information* infrastructure. Just to make you remember that this is all not about data. It is about information as the result of artificial intelligence that can be human readable information and not only data.

* data


Historically grown system landscapes - silos - cause beside other factors historically malformed data structures. But it is even more critical that information like product data exist only in prose or are deformed data architectures of software systems. These data fragments are not fit to support processes with process neutral information.

At a time that demands semantically proper, machine readable information in real-time to publish it on any internal or external touch-points, ontological data structures are required to deliver necessary information so that automated processes enable immediate feedback.


As mostly spreaded silo infrastructures are not consequently connected, but triggered with manual working steps at human pace and within their working hours, that contradicts worldwide customers with rising digital impatience for recieving any service.

On an abstracted layer siloed information can be enhanced with meta information in a corporate data catalog to enable real time information for processes in times of DigitalTwin from product design to final customer usage. Connectivity respectively bidirectional communication over the complete value chain is a must have capability.



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